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The old official website of the Foundation is a traditional rental site. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we have carried out a thorough transformation of the website and joined the online activity registration system to make the website more in line with modern trends.

In terms of design, we proceed from the core values of the “Medical Research Professional” of the foundation, integrate the original Logo elements, and build a light grey system. The color scheme of the website developed with orange and green emphasizes the unselfishness of medical personnel. The spirit of benevolence and the integrity of the Foundation’s efforts to promote Taiwan’s accession to the World Health Organization as research and information.

In terms of functions, it provides rich conference presentations and news news in a responsive design, and it also incorporates online event registration functions to allow visitors to participate in the most diverse activities organized by the foundation; managers also do not need to bear the high price of the event platform. Get involved and reach multiple goals on your own website.