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Lugo is committed to becoming your brand consultant, fully planning your brand strategy from a corporate perspective and providing a trusted one-stop execution service.

Each enterprise is different from others. We believe that the all-round strategic thinking from the current status of the company and the creation of an overall brand design plan will help accurately penetrate the core issues, resolve pain points, and create results.

Therefore, we are not limited to providing a single service or technology. Instead, we start with early communication and you think about the agitation, outline the direction of brand development, and develop a brand for you through tools such as corporate identity design, customized websites, and online marketing. Development of solutions.
Understand your demand
Determine your needs online(Line or Skype concall), and initially confirm how we can assist you.
Proposal and confirm specifications
After confirming the demand, we provide estimated time, quotation, and related information for your evaluation. If the scale is larger, we will plan a complete proposal for you to explain in depth.
Sign contract and start execution
We will sign your contract with you to protect the rights of both parties. After confirmation, we will do our best to implement it.
Repeatedly communicate and discuss
During the execution, we will continue to focus with you, establish the correct direction of execution, and fine-tune and modify the details of the production.
We're done! Congratulations!
It's wonderful to make it. You will be able to carry out a series of brand marketing and operations without any worries. If the content of the cooperation includes a website, we will provide a one-year free warranty, hosting the host, troubleshooting the site, and performing program and security maintenance.
Brand management
Enterprise identification, extension design
In response to the needs of brand management, we will accompany you with the overall visual identity update of the company and confirm that you are using the online/offline accessibility to complete the brand upgrade.
Website, system program maintenance
We will continue to assist you in maintaining the normal functioning of the website before and after the website, and regularly backing up data and monitoring abnormal traffic on the website to maintain the security of the website so that your website can run without interruption.
Data analysis, marketing advice
Track website traffic information for you, and provide website data monthly report, let you know the website performance and traffic trend at a glance in the month, and provide your online marketing suggestions for data analysis, so that the website benefits are maximized.