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Ministry of Science and Technology - FITI

Since the FITI project of the Ministry of Science and Technology has been in operation for five years since its inception, LUGO has assisted customers in designing a small “retrospective exhibition” to demonstrate outstanding achievements in the past.

We transform the concepts related to the newly-created industry (such as light bulbs, clouds, DNA, etc.) into 2D image elements as the main visual design; on the information presentation, we use the graphical method to transform the blunt numbers into visualized information graphics. The use of warm and cool colors gives a complete picture of the richness of the project.

On the day of the event, new and innovative partners such as the Minister of Science and Technology, the new pioneers, and the FITI President visited the site. LUGO also designed an interactive backboard and a fun signature pad to allow participants to sign the “One-day entrepreneurs, life-long entrepreneurs”. The fun entrepreneurial declaration will continue to advance on the road to entrepreneurship.