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Corporate Identity
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If "brand" is a person, then "trademark" and "visual design" are the first impressions this person brings to the public.

Through well-designed trademarks and series of visual design, catching the attention of the audience at the first time, and even make people interested in brands and products, build connection, and then develop long-term relationships, and even become brand lovers.

Before designing the brand, LUGO wants to deeply understand your company's core concepts, product features, brand goals... and other stories, and then from the perspective of the audience, to create a unique brand for your brand, and various application design.

  • Corporate Identity, Brand Logo Design
  • Business cards, community banners, EDM, newsletter design
  • Store Signs, Light Boxes, Menus, Signage Designs
  • DM, posters, catalog, newsletter design
  • Other online and offline applications visual design

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