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Nightscape Taipei Exhibition

LUGO collaborated with Taipei City Government to organize the Taipei Night Video Experience Exhibition at the end of 2016 in Wanhua, Taipei, full of historical and cultural flavors.

The origins of the story began with the installation of the “night Taipei” website by LUGO and participation in the website's new king design competition hosted by TWNIC. The website uses the latest technology to present the beauty of various moments in Taipei's night. After winning the competition, we hope to share more “League Taipei” through more channels.

In this exhibition, LUGO is planning a detailed movement and arranges the interlacing of static image exhibitions and dynamic audio and video exhibition areas. This will allow visitors to further experience the scene and experience the Taipei atmosphere from 6pm to 2am.

During the two-week exhibition, local residents, foreign tourists, school children visiting the university, and newly graduated college students were the ones who came together. Everyone from all parties, based on their common life memories in Taipei, was roused by all sorts of excitement and resonance from Taipei Night. In addition, by watching videos and operating websites, they found that they were living in Taipei.